Understanding Nephrostomy Procedures and How to Care

Nephrostomy is a procedure performed to drain urine from the kidneys through a catheter. This action is carried out if there is a blockage in the ureter, which should function to drain urine from the kidneys to the bladder. Nephrostomy is generally done when there is urine obstruction due to urinary tract infections, kidney stones, tumors, leakage or damage to the organs that pass urine (generally due to congenital anatomical abnormalities, physical injury, inflammation, and cancer), or related to pregnancy. In addition, nephrostomy can also be used as a pathway to assist other medical procedures, both for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Nephrostomy Procedure Before undergoing a nephrostomy procedure, the doctor will conduct a thorough examination, and assess your condition. The examination also includes the history of the treatment you are currently undergoing, because there are several types of treatment that need to be stopped before undergoing nephrostomy. Your doctor ma
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